I was having a snoop around AliExpress and I came across a pair of very highly rated gloves that looked just like the Icon Pursuit gloves I own, but for the 5th of the price, at just under US$14 (£11) a pair, including shipping.

The gloves had over 3,000+ plus excellent reviews, 96.6% positive feedback, with an average of 4.9 out of 5.0!

Maybe you are asking the same question as me, “How is this possible?”
You guessed it, time to hit the [ Buy Now ] button to satisfy my curiosity.

The ordering process on AliExpress was very straight forward, easy, and intuitive.
The gloves took around 7 days to arrive from China to the UK, pretty good!

When I opened the packet, the first thing I noticed was the “Icon” branding on the gloves and the labels in the packaging. Surely this cannot be a genuine pair of Icon Pursuit gloves? The last pair I paid US$65 (£55) for!

On closer inspection, you can see the labels are fake, they have a slightly fuzzy text look about them. Also, when you start inspecting the gloves, you soon realize that they are not the same as a genuine pair of Icon Pursuit cloves.

That said…

I have a pair of genuine Icon gloves, so I’m able to make a direct comparison, but if you didn’t have this luxury, I’m pretty sure you could easily be fooled into believing these are the real deal. You have been warned!

Nuts & Bolts

According to the AliExpress page, the gloves are made of leather and breathable.
After having a good sniff and feel, they “appear” to be leather. The leather is perforated, so I’m guessing that has the breathable part covered.

The gloves are decent, appear to be well put together and no doubt deserve their high ratings on AliExpress, especially for the price.


The gloves have a hard shell knuckle protector, it’s pretty tough. The sales text lists this as carbon, but for the price, I doubt it, not even the Icon Pursuits use carbon. Of course, the only way to find out is to cut the gloves up. Let me know 🙂

They have doubled up on the leather in the normal abrasion zones on the glove.
The stitching looks fine, I gave the gloves a good pull and the fingers didn’t come off.

The leather “appears” to be decent quality and it’s actually thicker than the leather on my genuine Icon Pursuit gloves, which are made of goats leather. Maybe the goats in China have thicker skins?

Comfort and Sizing

I ordered an XL and they fitted just fine. Normally I’m an L in Klim gloves if that helps.
They have a sizing chart on the sale page and this is what I used to size the gloves I ordered.

The gloves are comfortable and fit me fine. They have a rubberized velcro wrist strap that does its job. Velcro looks decent quality, no better or worse than my Klim or Icon gloves.

My Opinion

If you are looking for a pair of summer or hot weather riding gloves and don’t want to shell out hardly any money, then these might be the gloves for you.

They are decent quality and worthy of the high ratings, especially for the price.
For more information, check out the AliExpress page.

Review Video

This is my quick overview video, showing the gloves up close and personal.