Icon Pursuit Motorcycle Gloves Review

Icon has been around since 2002. They are well known within the motorcycling community and sell a huge range of products.

The Icon Pursuit gloves I own are the perforated version and are made for the summer or hot climates. They are made of goatskin, have a plastic plate for knuckle protection, a velcro closure strap on the cuff, and are pre-curved.

These gloves are the first bit of kit from “Icon” I have ever owned and I’m pretty impressed!

Top Tip: You will find Icon replicas floating around on eBay, AliExpress, and other Chinese wholesale sites. Take a look at my review and comparison against the original Icon Pursuit gloves.

The Icon Pursuit gloves are very understated, retro, and another reason why I like them.
No flashy colors, go faster stripes or added lumps and bumps. They do what it says on the packet, decent gloves at a decent price.

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Due to the perforations, the gloves are very well ventilated and breath well, just what you need for summer or hot climate riding.

That said…

The perforations in the goatskin are susceptible to tearing or stretching after long-continued hard use over a few years.

No gloves last forever and after a few years of abuse, I noticed a small tear in one of the fingertips and stretched out perforations in another. In all honesty, not bad, especially for the amount of use I have got out of the gloves.



The leather is thin and feels stretchy, but well protected in the abrasion zones.
The knuckle area has a hard plastic shell for armor that covers the entire knuckle area.

Comfort and Sizing

The gloves fitted great from day one. The soft goatskin leather and the pre-curved design of the gloves I’m sure is part of the reason for this.

They are super comfortable and breath very well, the grip is great and they are very tactile.

My Opinion

My gloves are now over 3 yrs old and have been used and abused, but still going strong, despite some signs of wear on a couple of the fingers.

I have no doubt I will get another season out of them, provided I show them a little love in return.  Every now and then I rub in some leather conditioner and it keeps them soft and supple.

If you are looking for a pair of summer or hot weather riding gloves, take a good look at the short cuff, perforated Icon Pursuit, I know you will like them.

For further information, check out Revzilla (USA) or Sportsbike Shop (UK) for more details.

Video Review

This is a review of the updated version of the Icon Pursuit gloves I have been using.
The new “Classic” version is still great, just better!