Motorcycle Helmet GoPro Camera Setup (Bell MX-9)

The internet and YouTube are littered with hundreds of helmet setup articles and videos, so why bother creating a new one? This one is specifically for the Bell MX-9 and they are as rare as “Hen’s Teeth”.

Fortunately, the Bell MX-9 helmet is very accommodating when it comes to installing a Bluetooth intercom or GoPro in this case.

GoPro Camera Mount

I use a chin-mount from a company called Proshot based in the USA. The chin mount is attached using 3M velcro (Dual-Lock). This is no ordinary Velcro, it is seriously strong and does not lose its grip after a few months. Another reason I like the Proshot mount is it can easily be removed and attached to your other helmets, all you need is a couple of strips of self-adhesive 3M Dual-Lock.

GoPro Microphone Adaptor

I mount this on the side of the Proshot chin mount using a couple of tie wraps. It’s secure and has yet to have any issues.

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GoPro Battery Cover

The cable from the microphone adaptor needs to plug into the side of the GoPro. The best solution I have found for this is using a cover with a slot to pass through the USB-C plug. I use a cover from ULANZI, but you can find a bunch of different companies selling these covers, including GoPro.


I use a Lavalier microphone from a company called “Purple Panda” purchased on Amazon with a fluffy dead cat attached to keep down the wind noise. Don’t worry, it’s not actually a dead cat 🙂

The Purple Panda microphone comes with a bunch of different cables and adapters. These work with all the GoPros and fit just about any helmet. It is an excellent microphone and is used by many moto-vloggers.

Purple Panda Microphone
Purple Panda Microphone

The Bell MX-9 helmet design makes it easy to stick the microphone in the front air intake recess (close when filming), routing the cable under the edge strip and up the side of the chin pad (see photo below). The microphone plugs directly into the GoPro microphone adapter.

I feel the overall install is a very clean POV (point of view) setup, especially as I’m a little OCD when it comes to cables and dangly bits. The GoPro camera POV is easily adjustable on the chin mount and the Purple Panda microphone produces excellent audio quality.

The other aspect I like about the installation is you can see the GoPro flashing recording LED whilst wearing your helmet. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you can’t, it can be frustrating and difficult to know when you are actually recording at times.

GoPro Recording Light
GoPro Recording Light