Fodsports FX8 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Install

This is a detailed install guide for the Fodsports FX8. My girlfriend recently entered the world of motorcycle touring and I decided it was time to invest in some two-way communication.

My purchase criteria :

  • Simple to use units at a good price
  • Decent reviews
  • Waterproof
  • All-day battery life
  • Fit into a Bell MX-9 helmet
  • Bonus points if I can plug in earbuds and easily hook up to non-bluetooth devices like a 2-way radio

After some research (Amazon, online reviews, YouTube) I came across “Fodsports” which supplies and support a range of motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms made in China. To be honest, I had never heard of this company, but the reviews, on the whole, looked decent and the pricing was half that of well-known brands like Sena, Cardio, etc.

After comparing their 3 to 4 different models, I opted to buy a pair of FX8 units. They fit my purchase criteria and at US$172 on Amazon for two units, looked like a bargain! They also look very similar to the first version of the Sena 30K. I also own a Sena 30K unit, so have a pretty good benchmark on how a well-known brand unit sounds and functions.

FX8 Specs

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supports up to 8 riders
  • 900mAh battery
  • 2000M / 1.2 Mile Range
  • 40mm speakers
  • External source input (two-way, iPod, etc)

The buying experience on Amazon was as normal, a couple of clicks and it’s on the way.
Below is a link to the two-unit package I purchased on Amazon for US$172 (US$86 each).


The packaging is pretty good, not Apple-level, but gets the job done.
Nothing is missing and all the accessory items are well-packaged.

This is what comes in the box, double the list if you are buying the dual edition.

1 x FX8 Main Body
1 x Quick-release helmet mount with 40mm speakers hardwired
1 x Metal spring clip for the quick-release mount
2 x Self-adhesive (3M) mounting pads for the above quick-release mount
1 x Soft microphone (cable)
1 x Hard microphone (flexible boom)
2 x Velcro pads for the microphone mounts with self-adhesive backing
1 x USB charging cable (USB – Micro USB)
2 x Rubber speaker spacers with self-adhesive backing (These allow you to bring the speakers closer to your ear on some helmets)
2 x Velcro speaker mounts with self-adhesive backing
1 x Cable for external devices (2.5mm to 3.5mm plugs)
1 x Fodsports FX8 quick start guide
1 x Fodsports FX8 manual
4 x Fodsports stickers

The 1 page “Quick Start Guide” is written in English and the more detailed “Fodsports FX8 Manual” is in English and Chinese. Some parts are a little “Chinglish”, but overall they are easy to follow.

The FX8 components are good quality, not Sena or Cardio level, but not far off.
Part of the FX8 body is rubberized around the buttons and the click wheel has a nice feel to it.

The quick-release helmet mount is not the most robust unit I have seen.
That said, I haven’t read any reviews of it falling apart, so I’m hoping it will last.

You can purchase the quick-release mounts with the speakers attached as a separate accessory.
This is very handy, as it allows you to mount the FX8 main body on multiple helmets and also replace the mount if something happens to it.

Link on FX8 mount:

Amazon link:

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Helmet Install

The complete install took about 15-20mins and is very straightforward.
To be honest, I was a little surprised by how easy it was.

The video below covers the installation from start to finish in a Bell MX-9 helmet.

Initial Setup

Much like the installation, very straightforward.

Both units paired to each other without a problem and had no issues paring with an iPhone 12 and Poco X3 phones.

The sound quality was good, nice, and loud, which was always my complaint (low sound level) with the Sena 30K unit I have. Let’s see how they fare on the open road.


For those of you who prefer using earbuds over helmet speakers, then the FX8 has you covered.
Fodsports provides a cable for external devices (2.5mm to 3.5mm plugs).
The 2.5mm plugs into the FX8 quick-release mount and then use/buy a 3.5mm coupler to plug in your earbuds. Works a treat!

Fodsports FX8 External Earbuds Cable
Fodsports FX8 External Earbuds Cable

Real-world experience to date

I will update this as and when I think the information is useful to FX8 users.

  • I found that having the antenna up helps a lot with range and sound clarity.
  • Finding the button to use the intercom can be fiddly, especially with gloves. Having the antenna up is a good reference point for your finger.

Video of Installation