Motocentric Motorcycle Tail Bag Review

I have used Motocentric gear in the past, and it’s decent quality for the price and this tail bag is no exception. Here is a review of their hip bag.

You can find better quality tail bags, but not close to the price of the Motocentric tail bag.
The price is around US$40 or £30.

Purchase & Shipping

I purchased my Motocentric tail bag originally from eBay, but the listing no longer exists.
You can also buy the tail bag from Amazon, link below.

Amazon USA: Motocentric Tail Bag
Amazon UK: Motocentric Tail Bag

Features and Specifications

The tail bag is made of polyester material and is weatherproof and also comes with a rainproof cover. The material is lightweight and not heavy-duty but should be fine for carrying some shopping, waterproofs or a spare helmet, etc.

Four different logo colors are available and it also has reflective strips on the side.
The main zipper is splashproof, not waterproof.

Capacity: 37 litres
Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kgs)

The tail bag comes with the following:

1 x Rain cover
2 x Shoulder strap
2 x Elastic rope
3 x Buckle strap

The “Elastic Ropes” should be thrown in the trash (not shown in the photo below), I would not trust them. One came apart the first time I touched it, junk!

I have seen reports that the rain cover can come loose at speeds over 100 MPH, so make sure you tie it down well or use a cargo net over the top.

Zippers & Buckles

The zipper is not the best quality, then again for the price, I didn’t expect a high-end YKK zipper.
The zipper is enclosed in a sealing strip that helps to keep out the rain and dust.

I have seen some comments from owners online that the zipper breaks easily. In my experience, as long as you treat it with a little respect, it will last.

Can you lock the tail bag with the zippers?
Yes, if you use a small padlock or wire-style shown in the photo below.
Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t take much for a thief to break open the bag, but it’s better than nothing.


Mounting the tail bag onto a luggage rack is very easy. It has two straps on either side and two at the front with plastic side-release buckles that can be tightened down.

The straps have elasticated strap keepers to keep everything tidy.

Helmet Fit Test

The bag expands for an additional 10cm in height or for a total capacity of 37 liters.

This additional expansion is just enough room to carry a full-face helmet. I was surprised that the tail bag could hold my Shoei Hornet ADV helmet with the peak on. It’s a tight squeeze, but it fits no problem and zips up just fine.

Soak Test

I soaked the tail bag without the rain cover with the hose and it was pretty much dry inside.
You could see some water ingress from the zip, but it would give you plenty of time to stop the bike and put on the dedicated rain cover before items inside the tail bag started to get wet.

In the video at the bottom of the page, you can see the full soak test.


The tail bag can be converted to a backpack. The base of the tail bag has two padded areas for back and shoulder support and comes with two shoulder straps.

It is not as comfortable as a dedicated backpack, but very handy if you want to take your tail bag with you when you are off the bike.


Review Video