AliExpress is a mecca for all things motorcycle related, you can find just about anything. As I’m sure plenty of you know, some of the products are decent quality and offer great value, but some stuff is just pure rubbish. I always find it best to go by how many units sold and then the reviews/ratings. After that, you are in the lap of the Chinese God’s 🙂

I was looking for a hip bag and came across one by a brand called “Moto Centric” that looked pretty decent. 2,351 units sold, 1,045+ plus excellent reviews, 98.7% positive feedback, with an average of 4.9 out of 5.0. Not bad!

Looks like the price has recently been bumped up. I paid a total of US$17.47 (£13) including the shipping as you can see below. If you are looking for the same Moto Centric hip bag, it might pay to have look at other AliExpress vendors, you might find a better price.

The ordering process on AliExpress is very straight forward, easy, and intuitive.
The hip bag took around a week to arrive from China to the UK, quick!

Nuts & Bolts

The hip bag comes in 4 different colors (red, green, blue, and grey).
They claim its waterproof and looking at material, I’m guessing its rainproof.
Let’s just say, I wouldn’t swim in the river with it loaded with my camera and phone.

The material is pretty tough, according to the sale page 1680D Waterproof Oxford Cloth. I have no doubt it’s durable, certainly feels and looks like it’s up to the task of being a hip or waist pack that can take some abuse.

The build quality is decent, stitching looks solid, its not a Kriega R3, but for the price, you cannot expect it to be.

The back of the hip bag is padded, making it more comfortable when it’s strapped to your leg and hip. It has a waist and hip strap for attachment. The straps look strong, both are fully adjustable and come with decent heavy duty plastic snap clips. Also, they have attached two aluminum carabiners to the hip bag in case you want to hang anything off.

The storage capacity is around 6 liters, which is plenty of space to carry a phone, documents, camera, or a small tool kit and tire repair tools if you are on the trails.

The zippers have a plastic cover over the zip. This looks like it should keep out the rain and any dust.

The logo and sides of the front pocket have reflective strips, so at night they should light up, making it a little easier for other road users to see you.

My Opinion

If you are looking for a hip bag, then you cannot go far wrong with this one for the price.

It’s decent quality, looks like it will last, and offers decent value for money.
For more information, check out the AliExpress page.

Video Review

This is my quick overview video, showing the Moto Centric Hip Bag up close and personal.