Kriega R3 Waist / Fanny Pack Review

Kriega is a UK-based company, that has been making high-quality, durable luggage, and backpacks for motorcycle enthusiasts since 2000. They are so confident in the quality, all their products come with a 10yr guarantee. Today Kreiga products are available in 40+ countries, adding loyal fans daily. Yep, that includes me!

The Kriega R3 waist pack is lightweight, 100% waterproof, unique alloy belt adjuster, YKK zippers, and made from hard-wearing Hypalon / 1000D Cordura. It’s hardcore!

I was never into motorcycle bumbags or fanny packs as my American friends call them until I went touring with a friend who was using a Kriega R3. After looking at his ass on and off while riding dirt roads for a few days, I started to get a little envious of how convenient it was… the waist bag that is, focus!
Documents, wallet, camera, phone, etc, are always with you, handy, secure, and waterproof.

The decision to get one was finally made after my tank bag was stolen whilst riding in Peru, you can read more about that horror story on my Garmin InReach review.

Back to the bumbag… It’s amazing how looking at ass and a 10-second relapse can lead to a great buying decision 🙂

Kriega: Fuction & Quality!

Not a great deal to say to be honest, it’s a waist pack. It’s functional and does exactly as described on the packet.

It’s comfortable to wear and can accommodate someone up to a 50″ waist.
The belt tensioner system or cinch strap works very well, so very easy to get the waist pack to sit just right and move around from the front to back if needed.

The waist pack has around 3L of storage, which is plenty for the phone, camera, wallet, snack, paper, etc. It’s actually a little bit deceptive how much stuff you can pack into the pockets.

The main compartment is waterproof and uses a roll-top system to close up and seal.
You can also remove the lining of the main compartment if it needs to be washed.

The zippers are made by YKK and water-resistant, so superb. No issues to date, they are still zipping along after 100’s of uses.

The waist bag is constructed from 1000D Cordura, with the top flap and parts that could come into contact with your tank from a material called Hypalon. It has a soft rubberized feel, but very hard-wearing. It’s hard to describe, you need to touch and feel it. How many times have you said that? LOL!

Some bikes are just not made to take a tank bag, without looking like the bike has a boil.
If you have one of those bikes, then you will love this waist pack. Nothing worse than cramming your pockets full of stuff, it just doesn’t feel comfortable in my experience.

The Kriega R3 is stylish and, doesn’t look out of place with just about most riding gear, including full leathers.

My Opinion

I have used it countless times over the past couple of years, and I often prefer using the waist bag over a tank bag. I really should have got one sooner, it’s just more convenient on short-duration trips when you don’t need to pack a ton of stuff in the tank bag.

The materials are top-notch, the build quality excellent and it’s backed by Kriega’s 10yr guarantee, what’s not to like?

If you are looking to get a waist pack, the Kriega R3 needs to be at the top of the list in my opinion. For further information, check out Revzilla (USA) or Sportsbike Shop (UK) for more details.

Kriega Video

This video from Kriega gives a good overview of the R3.

Video Review

This is my quick overview video, showing the waist pack up close and personal.