Litelok X1 Moto Review. Diamond Rated

Welsh company Litelok successfully mixes environmental responsibility and tight security in their Litelok X1 Moto D-lock.

Manufactured at a solar-powered facility, the lock is protected by a plant-based “eco-rubber” and shipped in a recyclable cardboard package.

The robust design stands up to thieves, featuring a hardened core and patented “Barronium” armor, intended to withstand attacks from grinders and cutters.

Weighing 1,500 grams and measuring 265 x 178mm, the lock is convenient for carrying around, offering not only mobility but also peace of mind.

My two cents…

Litelok makes great thief deterrent products. The Litelok X1 looks like a solid piece of kit.
I own one of their early versions of the braided lock, see the review at the link below:

For more details click on the link: