LITELOK Motorcycle Lock Review

LITELOK is a UK company based in Swansea. They have been making locks for bicycles since 2013 and have a good name in the market. They have a number of awards and it appears they know what they are doing, which is always reassuring.

The LITELOK 108 is a ‘Gold Rated’ lightweight, flexible motorcycle lock, made using a drill-resistant lock enclosure and a strap made from ‘Boaflexicore’, which contains hundreds of strands of high tensile steel making it very hard to cut using common theft tools.

How is the LITELOK made?

The locking enclosure is made from drill-resistant hardened alloy steel and stainless steel rivets. I didn’t go at it with a drill, but it’s solid!

Locking Enclosure
Locking Enclosure
Locking Enclosure
Locking Enclosure

The strap has an outer sheath, I’m not sure what it’s made of, looks and feels like nylon. Inside the outer sheaf, you have a patented composite material LITELOK call ‘Boaflexicore’, which contains hundreds of strands of high tensile steel, so it’s strong and also flexible. Reading the specs, LITELOK claims it can take a sustained attack from common theft tools including bolt cutters, crowbars, and hacksaws.

The LITELOK is also very flexible due to its construction, this makes it very effective in resisting twisting or leverage type attacks. If it’s wrapped around a swingarm and wheel or you have secured your bike to another bike or object, I think something on the bike would give up before you managed to twist or lever the lock off or tear it apart.

Although I haven’t tried cutting through the strap, it looks to be very strong, so I don’t doubt their claims. At worst it’s going to slow a thief down or force them to go find an easier target when they see the lock.

If you need to secure a couple of bikes together or just need a larger circumference lock, then the LITELOK’s can be joined together to double the length. If you buy a multi-pack, the keys will fit both locks, so one less key to carry around, pretty cool.

Talking of keys, you get three (3) of them and they have a key code tag attached in case you need replacements from LITELOK.

How about an angle grinder attack?

I don’t think any lightweight, easy to carry around lock is going to protect you from an angle grinder and determined thief. That said, the nature of the strap with the hundreds of stands I’m sure will slow them down. If you have ever tried gaining through a cable as opposed to a solid bar, you will know what I mean.

The LITELOK is Gold Rated!

The LITELOK 108 is ‘Gold Rated’ which basically means according to an independent lab (Sold Secure), it offers the best protection against thieves. This is a link to the Sold Secure website and the actual page covering the lock, in case you want to check it out.

Many insurance companies are now offering discounts if you can prove you are using a ‘Gold Rated’ lock to secure your bike, so that is something else to consider when buying a lock.

In the box

You get the lock, either red or black, three (3) keys, two (2) additional washable neoprene covers, carry bag, and two velcro straps that allow you to roll the lock-up when traveling.

Litelock in the Box
Litelock in the Box


Colours: Black or red
Weight: 1.46kg / 3.21lb
Length: 107.5cm / 42.3in
Width: 5cm / 1.9in
Locking Circumference: 103.5cm / 40.7in

My Opinion

So far, so good, it’s a well-made piece of kit. I haven’t had anyone try and steal my KTM yet, so I guess that will be the ultimate test. Let’s hope I’m not updating this review in the future with any bad news 🙂

If you are looking for a lightweight lock, that you can easily carry around in a top box or curled up and squeezed into a larger tank bag, then the LITELOK 108 ticks the boxes. Due to its weight and flexibility, you could also carry the LITELOK over your shoulder or around your waste. This makes it ideal for shorter commutes to work or around town. If you are looking at D-Locks, Disk Locks, or chains to travel with you on the bike, then you should defiantly add the LITELOK 108 to your list of options.

They have excellent reviews on Trust Pilot a UK based independent review organization, see the link here to Trust Pilot. For further information, check out the LITELOK website. They are a friendly bunch and I’m sure will look after you.

My Review Video

Take a look at the video, it shows the lock in use and you can have fun at the same time counting how many times I say ‘eeerrrr’.