Klim Vanguard GTX Gloves Review

I have the Klim Induction gloves for summer and hot weather riding, they fit great, work well and I have had no issues with them to date, so decided to go the Klim route when looking for a set of warmer rainproof gloves, hence, I’m now the proud owner of a pair of Klim Vanguard GTX (GORE-TEX®) gloves.

The gloves are constructed from a combination of perforated goat leather, GORE-TEX®, 3M Thinsulate™, and an impact-absorbing material called Poron XRD. They have multi-touch smart functionality and a wiper blade, I kid you not!

The gloves are rainproof, windproof, and made for riding in mild winter and colder climates. That said, they would not be my first choice in sub-freezing weather or in a climate that has a lot of miserable, life-sapping rain, think Scotland. This is not a problem for me, as I don’t live in the land of Braveheart or ride with Jon Snow looking for White Walkers north of the Wall.

As described above, the gloves are constructed from a bunch of fancy-sounding materials. The good news is, Klim has done an excellent job of putting all these acronyms together to produce an excellent mild winter and colder climate, rainproof and windproof riding glove.


The gloves have a GORE-TEX lining that keeps out the rain and is bonded to the outer goat leather to prevent that loose or slipping and sliding feeling you get when two materials are only sewn together at the seams. Not sure my description of the effect makes sense, but in practice, the bonding of the goatskin and GORE-TEX lining works, trust me.

Goretex Glove
Goretex Glove

A word of warning, the short cuff design may allow for some water ingress when it absolutely buckets down. I know from experience, the water can wick down your jacket and into the palm of the glove if it’s open. If your jacket fully covers the cuff opening, then this shouldn’t be an issue.


The knuckle, outer palm, and finger knuckle impact areas are protected by an impact-absorbing material called Poron XRD, it feels like a spongy rubber, although I suspect it’s a little bit more advanced than that.

The tops of the fingers towards the palm area have 3M Scotchlite reflective strips. Handy for being seen at night by oncoming drivers as you flash past them when you have the throttle pinned.

Wiper Blade

The left index finger has a wiper blade! They also have the same feature as the Klim Induction gloves I own. At first, I thought this was a bit of a gimmick, that was until I got caught in a downpour. It’s actually very handy and does a reasonable job of cleaning your visor and freshly splattered bugs.

Glove Wiper Blade
Glove Wiper Blade

Comfort and Sizing

The soft goatskin outer, bonded GORE-TEX lining and the 3M Thinsulate™ make for a very comfortable glove. They are warm, rainproof, and windproof. The fingers and palm of the gloves are pre-curved and add to the overall comfort and fitment of the glove.

Getting in and out of the gloves is very easy. Klim uses a locking YKK zipper and adjustable velcro strap, which they call a Kwik-access dual adjustment entry. In addition to the marketing guff from Klim, the cuff also has a very large, strong pull-loop that really helps to pull the glove on when your other hand is gloved up. It’s the little details like this that make these such nice gloves. Someone that rides, has had input into the design.

I personally find Klim gloves sized a little small compared to what I’m used to wearing, although others said they sized perfectly.  Either way, if you are considering these gloves, make sure you try them on or up a size. Most companies offer free exchanges these days, so “size anxiety” shouldn’t be an issue. Well, not with the gloves anyway.

The Klim Vanguard GTX gloves come in seven (7) different sizes, from XS all the way to 3X, and are available in both short and long cuff versions.

Color Options

The Klim Vanguard GTX gloves are available in two (2) different color options, gray and black.

My Opinion

I gave these gloves a very thorough test on a recent 3-month tour in Peru and Ecuador.  Plenty of cold, snow, and rain in the Peruvian mountains, and these gloves came through with flying colors.

The only thing I don’t like about thicker winter and Gore-Tex lined gloves is that you give up some of the feel in exchange for keeping your fingers toasty and dry.  A small price to pay me thinks!

If you are looking for a pair of summer or hot weather riding gloves, get the Klim Inductions and thank me later. For further information, check out Revzilla (USA) or Sportsbike Shop (UK) for more details.

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