Klim Induction Gloves Review

Klim is ranked right at the top of the list for motorcycle gloves, they are very well known around the planet for their quality and industry-leading innovations. The Induction gloves are no different, they “Ooze” Klim.

These gloves are made for the summer or hot climates. They are constructed from a combination of perforated goat leather, mesh fabric, and carbon fiber. The seams are stitched on the outside, making the gloves very comfortable.

Klim has nailed it! These will be the best summer gloves you have owned to date, seriously they are that good. Super comfortable, great protection, and flow a lot of air when it’s scorching hot. In my opinion, you are not going to go wrong if you invest your cash in these gloves.

The gloves are constructed from a bunch of fancy-sounding materials.
Poron XRD, Armor-Tan, carbon fiber, YKK, 3M Scotchlite, perforated goatskin, etc.

The good news is, Klim has done an excellent job of putting all these fancy names together to produce an excellent summer or hot climate riding glove.


These gloves are very well-ventilated. The combination of the mesh between the fingers and the perforated goatskin flows a ton of air.

I have used these gloves on 35°C days and my hands never felt sticky, which is more than can be said for some other “summer” gloves I have owned.


The knuckle impact area is protected by a carbon fiber plate. When you are wearing the gloves you cannot feel the plate, it’s light and non-intrusive, but big enough to offer plenty of protection.

Glove Knuckle Protection
Glove Knuckle Protection

In the palm area of the glove, Klim has used ceramic-reinforced, abrasion-resistant leather (Armor-Tan®) from a company called Pittards. You can read more about the leather on the Pittards website.

Next up are the 3M Scotchlite reflective strips in the accordion part on the top of the hand. So when you have it pinned at night, other vehicles get to see one more thing as you flash past.

Wiper Blade

The left index finger has a wiper blade, yes I kid you not, a wiper blade!

At first, I thought this was a bit of a gimmick, that was until I got caught in a tropical downpour. It’s actually very handy and does a reasonable job of cleaning your visor, it’s also pretty good at cleaning away freshly splattered bugs. You know, the ones that always get obliterated dead center of your eye line.

Glove Wiper Blade
Glove Wiper Blade

Comfort and Sizing

The soft goat leather and outside box stitching of the seams make for a snug, but buttery smooth fitment. I found they hardly needed any break-in, with the gloves being super comfortable straight out the box.

The fingers and palms of the gloves are pre-curved. I’m not sure how they do this and what the mean standard curve angle is for a finger, but it works and adds to the overall comfort and fitment of the glove.

Getting in and out of the gloves is a breeze. The use of a locking YKK zipper and adjustable velcro strap makes it easy. Also, Klim has added a very strong and large pull-on loop in the cuff. After using the gloves for a while, this is one of my favorite features. I know, easily pleased 🙂

Cuff Pulltab
Cuff Pulltab

I personally found the gloves sized small compared to what I’m used to wearing, although others said they sized perfectly.  Either way, if you are considering these gloves, make sure you try them on or up a size. The gloves come in seven (7) different sizes, from XS all the way to 3X.

Most companies offer free exchanges these days, so “size anxiety” shouldn’t be an issue. Don’t you wish that was true with everything in life?

Color Options

The Klim Induction gloves are available in five (5) different color options, so you should find something that matches your kit or suits your lifestyle preferences.

My Opinion

Hopefully, it should be pretty clear if you have gotten this far down the page, I love them! I have clocked up maybe 5,000 km of summer riding in these gloves and they have been great. No issues, nice and comfortable, grippy, and still in great shape. 

If you are looking for a pair of summer or hot weather riding gloves, get the Klim Inductions and thank me later. For further information, check out Revzilla (USA) or Sportsbike Shop (UK) for more details.

Video Review

This is my quick overview video, showing the gloves up close and personal.