Dainese TRQ Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots Review

These boots were built for sports touring or commuting. They are a three-season boot, nice and warm in the winter, but can be a little sticky and toasty due to the Gore-Tex membrane if your summer days are brutal.

The boots are waterproof and breathable, utilizing the Dainese D-Axial system to protect your feet from twisting in an accident. The boots are also CE Cat II certified.

The boots are well made and do a great job of representing the Dainese name. The materials used are first-class and the boots come with some nice innovative features to boot, no pun intended 🙂


The boots have high-grip TPU and magnesium inserts on the outside of the boot.
Nylon is used to protect the heel, toe, and inner shell. These boots are tough!

The boots utilize the Dainese D-Axial system to protect your ankles and stop the torsional twisting of the ankle that can happen in an accident, this is an excellent feature.  Fortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of testing this feature, but it’s comforting to know my feet are well protected.  The downside of all this protection is I personally found the boots a little uncomfortable when walking for a decent distance off the bike.  That said, don’t let that put you off, they are fine for riding, just skip the hiking and sprinting if you can.


The boots are nice and comfortable when riding and for short walks. The design means they are very stiff in the toe area, so no break-in I’m afraid, so make sure you size them correctly. In my experience, Dainese boots size a little small, so best to get a pair and try them on.

Are the boots waterproof?

Yes, they are! The Gore-Tex membrane works great, no issues, no soggy socks, and feet are kept nice and dry in the rain.  Mine are still nice and waterproof after 4yrs of use.

If you are riding in Arizona-type weather, with little rain day in, and day out, I would go with a different boot, as the Gore-Tex membrane can make your feet a little sweaty and sticky when riding in very hot climates.

Are these boots good for walking around?

To be honest, not really. Better off taking a pair of comfortable shoes if you plan on doing a lot of walking. The boots are a little stiff and the soles are also very smooth, so might be an issue on some surfaces, especially when wet.

Can you wear them with jeans?

Not a problem, jeans, riding pants, all should be ok. The upper opening is pretty slim when the boot is zipped up.

Let’s talk about Zippers!

The only thing I have changed on my boots is adding zipper tabs.
This makes zipping up the boots a lot easier and ideally should have been added by Dainese out of the box.

Also, make sure you zip them all the way up and lock them as if they are not locked, they may ride down a little when you are riding.

As I have said, the boots are very well made, the only “potential” could be the zippers over the long term. Right now mine are fine, but I just get the feeling these will let go before any other part of the boot. I could be wrong, time will tell.


This video from Revzilla gives a good overview of the boots.

My Opinion

Dainese has sold thousands of pairs of these boots and for good reason. Online it gets pretty much 4.5 to 5 star reviews across the board. The bottom line, it’s a great boot!

I have had my boots for years and they are still looking and feeling great on my feet. Still waterproof and the shift pads are still in good condition.  Although they have been replaced by a pair of Daytona Road Star’s in recent months, I still slip them on now and again, when I want that Storm Trooper look.