Daytona Road Star GTX Motorcycle Boots Review

Daytona has been making high-quality handmade motorcycle boots in Germany since 1962. The company is family-owned and run today by Reinhard and Helmut Frey.

The Daytona Road Star Gore-Tex boots are a 4 season, leather, waterproof touring boots, that are CE-approved and handmade in Germany. They offer great protection and a twin zip system, making them easy to get in and out of and super comfortable.

Let me tell you these are by far the best motorcycle boots I have ever owned, period, end of!
I have had SIDI, Dainese and TRX boots and these Daytona’s are on another level when it comes to out-the-box comfort and build quality. Sure, they are not cheap, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny/cent.

Daytona form & function!

These boots have no gimmicks, flashing stripes, or racer boy look about them. They are understated, clean-looking, functional, and perform the task of being an exceptional riding boot very effectively.

Daytona boot protection (Important!)

You will find some boots, primarily race boots offer slightly more protection than the Daytona boots, but normally you have to give something up to get that protection, and often it’s comfort. These boots or not made for MotoGP riders or the TT. Like anything in life, it’s a compromise. You cannot have it all, but these boots come close ­čÖé

The heel and shin areas are reinforced, the heel areas also have 3M Scotchlite reflectors. The soles are reinforced with a galvanized metal strip, giving them additional protection.

Top Tip: If you can stand on the side of the sole (at your own risk) and they do not flex much, then they are strong and should offer decent protection in an accident. I’m 190lbs soaking wet, and as you can see, no flex in the Daytona soles.
Boot Sole Flexing
Boot Sole Flexing

To give you an idea of the amount of detail that goes into Daytona motorcycle boots and the layered protection, take a look at the photo below.

Boot Construction
Boot Construction

How comfortable are the Daytona motorcycle boots?

In a nutshell, these boots are extremely comfortable and made for all-day riding. When you do a lot of touring and spend 8-10 hours in the saddle day after day, you get to know your boots intimately, the good and the bad. I can honestly say, when I’m touring and doing some long days in the saddle, I never think about my Daytona boots from the time I put them on, to the time I take them off.

The boot has two heavy-duty zippers, one on either side, this allows the mouth of the boot to open right up, making it very easy to get your foot in. When the boot is all zipped up, it’s quite slim.

The inner boot linings and innersoles are very soft. I’m not sure what material they use, but it works. They also keep your feet nice and toasty when it’s cold, but somehow not so toasty when it’s 38┬░C outside. Has to be some type of German witchcraft!

Walking off the bike in these boots is not a problem, very comfortable. The soles of the boots are grippy and feel soft, but are extremely strong, as I have demonstrated above.

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Are Daytona motorcycle boots waterproof?

The Daytona Road Star GTX boots have breathable Gore-Tex liners, so keep your feet nice and dry. I have been in some torrential downpours in these boots, and not once had a drop of water get inside. This also appears to be the case when reading the online reviews, I haven’t seen a single person complain that their feet got wet or damp when using Daytona Road Star Gore-Tex boots.

Can you wear them with Jeans or Pants?

Yes, you can! The boots close up enough, that the upper part fits easily under a regular pair of jeans or riding pants as you can see from the photos below. Will you be able to squeeze them under a pair of slim or skinny-fit jeans or your wife’s lycra leggings? I doubt it.

Boot With Jeans
Boot With Jeans
Boot With Jeans
Boot With Jeans

Daytona boot sizing

The boots range from 4-16.5 (US Men’s) and 36-51 (European) with 5 different width options. Also available in half sizes, you should not have any problem finding the perfect fitting boots.

Daytona also offers a lady’s version of the boot that has a raised heel. They call it the Daytona Lady Star GTX and is exactly the same as the men’s version, but with a raised heel. Sizing in the lady’s boot range from 4.5-8 (US Woman’s) and 35-39 (European).

Cleaning and washing Daytona boots

The boots are made of leather and are very resistant to the usual environmental hazards, dirt, and grime you encounter whilst riding. Also due to the leather tanning process, they are water-resistant to a certain degree.

Just like your skin, sometimes it needs a little love and attention, some soap and water, and a little moisturizing, leather boots are no different.

The paragraph below is taken straight from the Daytona website, so is as good advice as it gets:

Cleaning Tips:
It is recommended that your boots are impregnated with daytona┬«-Special-Leather cleaner soon after buying them. Regularly clean the boots from road dirt, and spread a thin layer of the daytona┬«-Special-Leather cleaner over them. Leave them to slowly dry and then polish the leather with a soft cloth. Leather is a natural product and needs moisturizing. Leather care is necessary so that it doesn’t dry out, tear or crack. Wet boots are best left to dry with boot trees, or stuffed with old newspaper. To improve the dirt resistance and to prevent the leather from becoming blocked up, we recommend that the boots be impregnated.

Looking after the GORE-TEX® liner

Let’s take a quote directly from the Daytona website, that way we know we are getting the best advice:

The upper material of your boot with GORE-TEX®- is leather and should be so handled.
Regularly impregnate your boots with daytona®-Special-Leather cleaner or daytona®-
Aquastop (Water Stop) to prevent the leather from becoming blocked. Dry upper material keeps better warm! When the boots are wet, position them with the sole facing upwards so that the moisture can escape from the leather of the boot more easily. When cleaning your boots with GORE-TEX®, use products that
contain low fat and/or oil content as they can reduce the breathing ability dramatically. We recommend the use of daytona®-SpecialLeather care and Aquastop.

Can Daytona boots be resoled or repaired?

Yes, they can! Daytona offers a re-sole and repair service.

This is the link to the Daytona repair service on their website.

Daytona manufacturing video

This is an excellent video covering all the steps that go into making a Daytona boot.
I’ll be honest, I was very surprised at the attention to detail and number of parts and processes. Some boots have 120 individual parts!

My Opinion

I have covered 15,000+ km’s in these boots, riding in South America, Europe, and Asia, and in all types of weather. They are very comfortable out of the box, nice and comfortable off the bike, waterproof, and did a great job of protecting my left ankle due to a crash I had when I misjudged some ice in the Peruvian mountains. I have no doubt my injury would have been a lot worse than a badly sprained ankle if it wasn’t for the Daytona boots.

Foot Iced Up
Foot Iced Up
Foot Wrapped Up
Foot Wrapped Up

I get the feeling these boots will be around long before I have gone, they are so well built.  I wouldn’t class them as the ultimate touring boot as I haven’t tested all the others on the market but based on what I know and the reviews online,  they sure come close.

I recently read a review by a rider who had his Daytona boots for over 25 years and covered 300,000+ km’s and they were still going strong. If that is not the ultimate endorsement, I don’t know what is.

If you are in the market for the best boots I have ever owned, then you need to stick a pair of Daytona’s on your feet and try them out. For further information, check out Revzilla (USA) or Sportsbike Shop (UK) for more details.

Video Review

This is my video review covering many of the above points, with the added bonus of seeing my feet and hands live!