Top Motorcycle Safety Gear Recommendations

Motorcyclists face risks on the road which are mitigated by constant evolution in protective gear.

The Arai Corsair-X helmet and Alpinestars Tech-Air airbags offer top-tier security, while earplugs protect from wind noise. In apparel, the author suggests the Dainese HF D1 Perforated leather jacket and Hood Motorcycle K7 Jeans for light city commutes, while the Alpinestars GP Plus V4 Leather Suit is preferred for intensive rides. For base layer and armor, SAS-TEC TriplexFlex SC-1 and the Forcefield Pro Jacket are recommended.

My two cents…

Nice article from an independent and “unbiased” voice, always nice to see.

That said… All the photos are from other sources. If he has all this kit, why doesn’t he publish his own photos? Yes, just like I do!

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