TCX Jupiter EVO Gore-Tex Boots Review

Do you ever get sick and tired of walking around in full-on boots and thinking I wish a had something a little more stylish and easy to walk around in all day?
If so, then it looks like we are both on the same page.

I tried on a bunch of ankle boots and finally settled on the TCX Jupiter EVO’s.
If you take a scout around the shopping sites and forums, they come highly rated, always a good starting and reassuring starting point. They offer plenty of protection, are super comfortable to go shopping in, stylish, and “allegedly” waterproof via Gore-Tex. Actually, they should be labeled as splash proof, as when it rains, I get soggy socks. Admittedly this could be due to a few reasons, like water running down the inside, via the top of the boot, via the tongue and laces etc.

That aside… These boots are super comfortable for all day walking, appear to be very well built, and at a minimum, splash proof in my case. LOL!

1. Very comfortable for all day wear.
2. Excellent build quality.
3. Stylish and don’t look out of place in the mall for the metro-sexual guys.
4. Plenty of protection.

1. Not fully waterproof, more like splash proof.
2. Velcro fastener is showing signs of wear after a few years.

Would I buy again?