Rhinowalk 40 to 60L Expanding Motorcycle Bag Review

The bag is made by Rhinowalk, based in China. They have been making bags for around 10 years.
In addition to motorcycle bags, they sell all sorts of accessories for motorcycles and peddle bikes.

The Rhinowalk bags are very popular, with great ratings and a number of sellers on AliExpress.
I have also seen the bag on Amazon, sold directly by the manufacturer, it also has lots of excellent reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars).

The bag is excellent quality for the price. It’s not the Mosko Moto or Kreiga level of quality, but then again, it does not come with that level price tag, Rhinowalk bags are considerably cheaper.

Rhinowalk AliExpress Page

The bag can be purchased at the links below.

AliExpress – Rhinowalk 40-60L expandable bag
Amazon UK: Rhinowalk 40-60L expandable bag
Amazon USA: Rhinowalk 40-60L expandable bag

Purchase & Shipping

Shipping was quick, the bag took around 10 days to arrive from China to the UK.
The packaging was good, with no damage or issues with the bag.

The bag is heavy, so the shipping costs are high, plus you need to factor in any tax and duties.

I paid £91 total or around US$112 shipped to my door.
See the image below for the cost breakdown.

Shop around, you should get a decent price. Just make sure you know exactly what you are buying, and make sure you are getting the 40L expandable to 60L version if the one I have reviewed is the one you want. Some sellers are deceptive in the text etc!

Rhinowalk Price Paid

Features and Specifications

The bag is an expandable design, with zippers on each end so you can extend the length and volume of the bag from 40L to 60L.

Weight: 2.8kgs (6.2lbs)
Size: L31.5 x W31.5 x H44cm (Expanded 62cm)

Rhinowalk Bag Sizing

One feature that is very good and I have never seen before, is the ability to fold the bag flat.
This could be handy if you are going on a motorcycle tour overseas or another destination, you can fold the bag flat and place this in your gear bag or suitcase.

Rhinowalk Bag Folding

The zippers have decent heavy-duty pull tabs, which is a nice feature, something some of the more expensive bag manufacturers should fit.

The zippers are not the waterproof type, but look decent quality and in my soak test, only let in a very small amount of water. See the soak test below.

Rhinowalk Pull Tabs

The zippers for the main compartment can be locked, as they have overlapping holes, so you can use a small padlock to secure them. The better option is the wire-style padlock, as shown in the image below.

Wire Style Padlock

The bag is primarily made from strong tear-resistant polyester. The main frame has reinforced steel wire running through it, which helps the bag keep its shape.

The inside bottom and sides of the bag have rigid PE sheets (Polyethylene) to make sure the sides stay in place and the bottom stays flat, it also adds a level of impact protection.

On the underside of the bag, they have used a thick anti-slip and wear-resistant material.
It’s smooth, so should be easy to clean if you set the bag down on some dirt.

Rhinowalk Bag Base

The bag comes with a number of straps.

1 x Shoulder strap
4 x Large 25mm fixed straps, with locking buckles
2 x Cinch straps with metal buckles

The straps are 25mm wide and come with velcro wrap over strap keepers.

Soak Test

The bag is weatherproof and also comes with a rainproof cover.
I soaked the bag with the hose for a good few minutes and it was pretty much bone dry inside without the cover. With the rain cover, I’m sure the inside of the bag will stay dry even in a monsoon!

You can see more details in the video at the end of the page.

Rhinowalk Bag Soak Test


Does this bag have the ability to be locked?
Yes, a wire-style padlock is the best option.

Will the bag fit on a sports bike?
Ideally, this bag needs to be mounted onto a luggage rack.
Its footprint is quite large, so ideally needs plenty of support underneath.
That said, I’m sure a little creativity could resolve the problem.
I have seen one mounted lengthway on the back of a Suzuki GSXR.

Does the bag have a warranty?
Yes, 1 year according to the manufacturer.

If one of the clips breaks, is there a way to buy a replacement?
You can buy straps and side-release buckles for 25mm straps off Amazon and eBay. You have hundreds of sellers and they are cheap. I’m guessing that would be much quicker than trying to get replacements via the manufacturer.


Review Video