REV’It gloves are generally well made, get great reviews, and have a long line of happy customers to their name. Unfortunately, in this case, I’m not one of those happy customers.

The REV’It Dirt 2 gloves are a warm-weather glove made for the adventure touring market. They are a quality glove, made from a mix of goatskin, cowhide and synthetic PU leather. They offer good protection, comfort, and breathability.

What’s the problem?

I purchased a pair of REV’It Dirt 2 gloves from Revzilla when I was on the hunt for some new summer touring gloves.  After about a month of use, the gloves started to tear at the cuff, I guess they didn’t like being pulled on and off.  On further inspection, it was clear the stitching was not that great and loose for just one of the gloves in a particular spot. Maybe I got a pair made on a Monday?

I contacted Revzilla and sent them the photos you see above.  They asked me to ship the gloves back and would apply a credit to my account.  Gloves shipped back, credit applied, customer service from Revzilla was excellent as usual.  I have brought a lot of stuff from Revzilla over the years and to date, I have always had a positive experience.

My Opinion

Other than the cuff tearing issue, I found the gloves comfortable and generally decent to ride with. 
The protection looks pretty solid, with good coverage in the right places.

The fingertips have metallic fabric pads on, so the gloves can be used with a smartphone, which is nice.
Fit wise, they seem to be pretty true, as compared to gloves from other manufactures.