O’Neal Butch Carbon MX Gloves Review

I purchased these gloves in the Philippines after the pair I was using fell apart due to the heat and humidity. I have never owned a pair of O’Neal gloves and basically brought these as the price was right and they appeared decent quality. I’m happy to report, they have not disappointed and have turned out to be a great pair of lightweight hot weather riding gloves.

Who are O’Neal?

If you are into dirtbikes or MotoX, then you are very familiar with O’Neal.
They are based in California, the USA, and have been making all sorts of clothing and helmet accessories for the Motocross market since the early seventies.


After 6 weeks of riding around the Philippines, they are still in great shape. Despite the heat, humidity, and general beating I have given them.

The seams are all still intact, with no signs of splitting. Nothing is falling off and no signs of serious wear. The only part that is showing signs of wear is the Velcro® wrist fastening straps. This is not uncommon and have had this happen on other brands of gloves, especially when you are taking them on and off multiple times a day, every day for an extended period of time.


The combination of materials makes for a pair of well-ventilated gloves. I have yet to get that sticky or wet finger feeling with these gloves.


The knuckle area is well protected with a one (1) piece, pre-shaped carbon fiber protector. The fingers have hard rubber (thermoplastic elastomer) injection molded patches in a couple of places, adding a little more protection.

Knuckle Protection
Knuckle Protection

The palm area does not offer a lot of protection. Fine if you are using these for MotoX, but might be questionable if you are using them on the road and you put your hands down on the tarmac in an event of an accident.

Like most things, it’s a trade-off. If you want maximum protection on the road, these are not the gloves for you. If you want a pair of very lightweight, super comfortable hot weather gloves, then these might be the gloves for you. YMMV!

Comfort and Sizing

The fingers are pre-curved and feel very natural when wearing them. The combination of materials works well, even in hot and humid climates. The O’Neal Butch Carbon gloves use stretch Lycra® in places, making for a pair of very flexible and lightweight gloves.

The palm area offers decent grip and uses a material called Nanofront® according to O’Neal. It actually feels and looks like calfskin, but I assume it’s a proprietary synthetic material used by O’Neal. Either way, it’s comfortable and offers good grip.

The cuffs have an adjustable Velcro® fastener, that works well, but in the case of my gloves are showing some wear after extended use. The cuff also has a pull tab, that makes getting the gloves on and off a little easier.

Cuff Pulltab
Cuff Pulltab

Looking at the O’Neal website, the sizing ranges from S to 2XL. I have a pair of Large (L) and they fit me just fine. In a Klim, I’m normally a large as well.

Are these gloves touch screen compatible?

Yes they are, they have a special material on two of the index and middle fingers. I have tried it out and it works fine. Couldn’t tell you how long the material will last, but after a few months of using the gloves, it’s still going strong and still works fine on my iPhone screen.

My Opinion

These gloves are well-made and thought out. O’Neal’s years of making quality products shine through with these gloves. To be honest, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing gloves after a while, they are so light and fit so well. You just forget about them, which in my opinion is a sign of a well-made product. Use and forget!

If you like the look of the Butch Carbon Gloves, take a look at the Revzilla website.