Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag Review

Mosko Moto has been one of the standout companies in the past few years in my opinion.  The owners are avid riders and handle everything, no dealers, no middlemen taking a cut, you deal directly with the company. They listen to customer feedback and make excellent products that the market loves and wants.  Yes, I’m a ‘fanboy’ and so is just about everyone I know who uses their products.

The Mosko Moto Nomad tank bag is a durable, low-profile design that will fit on just about any tank. It has multiple zipped pockets, a built-in 1.8L hydration bladder, and a rainproof cover. It easily clips on and off of the bike, converting into a small fully functional backpack.

If you want to read up on how the Mosko Moto Nomad tang bag was developed and why it has some of its unique features, ADVRider and the Mosko Moto Blog have some interesting insights.

Note: Due to some naming issues, the tank bag is now called the “NOMAX”.

Mosko Moto quality!

When you take a Mosk Moto tank bag out of the packaging, you know it’s a Mosko Moto product, the quality and attention to detail jumps out at you. I’m sure some people get that giddy feeling, just like un-boxing your first iPhone. LOL!

The Nomad tank bag is what I call a four (4) layered pocket design (see photos below), with MOLLE webbing on the lid or as many call it, the beavertail. Under the beavertail, you have three (3) pockets, so let’s look at each one.


The beavertail has a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system on the top and is very handy for adding additional items like a knife, bottle holder, etc. Under the beavertail, you have a compartment for coins, documents, and a pocket with a lanyard for a GPS tracker like the Garmin inReach. You can read my InReach review here.

Pocket #1

The pocket has four (4) mesh pouches with zips. I use this to carry camera batteries, cables, and smaller bits and pieces. It also has elastic loops, which are great for camera batteries.

Pocket #2

This a large pocket with two (2) zipped pouches, which I use to carry larger items like a camera, lenses, cell phone, charger, etc. It’s deceiving how much stuff you can get into this pocket, it’s a lot bigger than it looks!

Pocket #3

This is used for the 1.8L hydration pack made by Platypus Hoser, which is about the best in the business. The hydration pack is removable, so you can use the pocket for whatever will fit in it, maybe a banana, some protein bars, the options are endless 🙂

In front of the hydration pack pocket, is an additional zipped pocket used for coins or small items, then at the back, you have another zipped pocket that is used for the rain cover. The rain cover has a tether, so you don’t have to worry about it being blown away while riding.

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Mounting Base

The base splays out at the bottom in each corner and is the attachment point for four (4) heavy-duty release clips. The base is padded and the material helps prevent any scratches to your gas tank.


The Nomad tank bag also doubles up as a backpack, which is very innovative and the first time I have seen this. In the base of the tank bag is a recessed zipped pocket that houses the shoulder and chest straps. It’s comfortable to use and comes in very handy, making it one less thing you need to take on a long trip. Below is a photo of myself using the Nomad tank bag as a backpack while crossing a river in Ecuador.

Tank Bag to Backpack
Tank Bag to Backpack

How to install the Nomad Tank Bag

The Nomad tank bag fits onto just about any motorcycle. I have used it on my KTM 1190R, KLR 650, and Honda CRF250 Rally without any issues. Online and also on the Mosko Moto website you will find plenty of videos, photos, and instructions on how to correctly fit the tank bag.

Basically, you have two lower straps that are zip-tied to your bike and an upper strap around the headstock/steering stem. The Nomad tank bag has heavy-duty quick-release clips that attach to these lower and upper straps. It’s a simple, but very effective system and it makes for very easy to mount or remove the tank bag. The system makes it especially easy when you need to fill up for fuel, you just snap open two clips and you can get to your filler cap, whilst the tank bag stays attached to your bike.

Mosko Moto: Warranty and Crash Replacement

Mosko Moto has one of if not the best warranty and crash protection programs in the industry. They will look after you and make it right if anything happens to one of their products. The Nomad tank bags come with a lifetime warranty, for more information, take a look at the Mosko Moto warranty page.

Packing Video

The video below gives you a good overview of the Mosko Moto Nomad tank bag features and how much stuff you can fit into it.

My Opinion

The internet is full of reviews on the Mosko Moto Nomad tank bag, with 95% being very positive, so I’m not going to go into great detail here, Google is your friend. Rest assured, I love this tank bag!

I have had my Nomad tank bag for almost 2yrs and it’s as good as new. It has covered 15,000+ km all over South America, taken a few knocks, and even been stolen and recovered (You can read about that here).

As I have said before, it really is amazing how much stuff you can fit in the Nomad tang bag if needed. If you have ever seen Dr. Who (UK readers), it’s a bit like the Tardis 🙂

The only change I made to my Nomad tank bag was adding some zipper pull tabs. The compartments are layered and I have found that adding pull-tabs makes it easier to open them. You can find the pull tabs on Amazon or eBay, they are cheap as chips 

If you are in the market for a new tank bag, then you need to look at Mosko Moto’s lineup. For further information, check out the Mosko Moto website. They are a cool bunch of riders with some seriously good products.