Mosko Moto Launches Gnome Tankbag

In 2022, Mosko Moto launched the Gnome tankbag, a uniquely shaped 5-liter container, designed to offer unrestricted movement while riding.

This innovative bag is mounted in a landscape position on top of the tank and includes a 1.5-liter hydration reservoir. It offers a quick installation with the tankbag attached to the bike’s frame using zip-ties.

This bag perfectly fits 5-7 liter categories functioning well for daily use and off-roading.
Take note, it is not cheap, $225 for US customers and $335 CAD for Canadians might deter potential buyers.

My two cents…

For me, Mosko make some of the best gear on the planet, I’m a fan and a customer.
This new tankbag looks like a gem and the first time I have seen a landscape style tankbag.

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