KTM ADV Luggage Rack Install & Review

I have been looking around for a decent good-value luggage rack for my KTM 890 ADV for a while.

I eventually pulled the trigger on one from AliExpress, after comparing it to some of the better-known brands. My logic was, that if it was junk, I could always sell it on eBay to recoup some of my money, luckily it was excellent for the price, so no eBay for this rack.

For the price, this rack offers great value, it is durable and versatile.
It is tough, cheap, and should last the life of the bike, what more do you need?

The installation is very easy, 4 bolts, some spacers, and 10 mins max to install.
It’s versatile, you can mount lots of different bag styles as I will show as we get into this, plus top boxes and fuel packs

Purchase and shipping

The rack I ordered is for the KTM 890 ADV, but will fit a bunch of other KTM models, plus the Norden 901. e.g. KTM 790, 890, 1090, 1190 and 1290 models.

The rack was very well packed, so you shouldn’t have any damage issues in transit.
Shipping from the time of order to receipt took around 10 days from China to the UK.

In the box is all the needed mounting hardware which is zinc coated, a keyring, and some mounting instructions in English. You can mount the rack with or without the grab handles.

The price included door-to-door shipping, so no issues with customs, etc.
I paid £44 total which is around $56.
That works out 2-3x cheaper than some of the bigger brand competitors.

Link to the AliExpress KTM Luggage Rack

See the cost breakdown in the image below.

Features and Specifications

The rack is laser cut with lots of hole and slot options for mounting bits and pieces.
The edges wrap over making it easier to mount straps. Edges are smooth, so you should have no issues with damaging your straps.

The stock rack on the KTM 890 ADV is good for 5kgs (11lbs), see screengrab from the KTM manual below. The new rack mount is in the same position as the stock rack, so my guess is it would support the same, 5kgs (11lbs). That said, I have had more than 5kgs on the rack, so just use common sense.
If you think it’s too heavy, then it most probably is 🙂

According to the manufacturer, the luggage rack is compatible with Givi and SW-Motech top boxes, as well as the Rotopax fuel tank mounts. I never checked this, as I don’t have a top box or Rotopax fuel pack, so buyer beware, I would double-check with the seller and look through the reviews.

Material: Aluminium (6063-T6)
Thickness: 4.3mm
Finish: Painted Black
Price: (US$56) £37.00 + £7.40 tax (£44.40)
Zinc coated hardware

The size of the rack is shown in the image below.

Cost Comparison

Outback Motortek
Link – https://west.outbackmotortek.us/product/ktm-790-890-1090-1190-1290-adventure-rear-luggage-rack/
Material: Aluminium
Thickness: 5mm
Finish: Powder coated
Price: (US$140) £120.00 (almost 3x when you add in shipping)

Material: Aluminium
Thickness: 4mm
Finish: Anodised
Price: (US$169.00) £108.00 (double in the UK and almost 4x in the USA when you add in shipping)

Mounting and Installation

The rack I ordered was for the KTM 890 ADV, but will fit a bunch of other KTM models, plus the Norden 901. e.g. KTM 790, 890, 1090, 1190 and 1290 models.

The rack is very easy to install, 10-15 minutes from start to finish as you can see from my install video below.

The rack sinks into the grab handle assemblies, making it nice and compact. Another benefit is that the rack should give the grab handles some added support when you are using them to lift the bike, as the leverage will be shorter.

It sits almost flush with the top of the seat. This is handy for longer duffles if you want to mount them lengthways.

Installation Photos


What bikes will this rack fit?
The rack will fit KTM 790, 890, 1090, 1190 and 1290 models.
Also the Husqvarna Norden 901. Looks like they also have a rack for the newer 1290 models.

Do they make racks for other models?
Yes, if you take a look at their AliExpress page you will see racks for BMW GS and R9 range, Honda, KTM 390, 690 Enduro, and Husqvarna 701 Enduro etc.

Will it destroy my straps?
The strap holes have smooth rounded edges, so the rack should not wear your straps.

Will it fit a Giant Loop bag?
Should not be a problem, although I have not personally tried.

How much weight can the rack support?
5kgs (11lbs), so just use a little common sense if you plan to load it up over that.

Do you leave the grab handles on?
I do on my 890, it makes it easy to pick up and move around in some cases.
You can take the grab handles off and additional spacers are provided for this.

What is the weight of the rack?
The rack weighs approx 1kg (2.2 lbs) without the mounting hardware.

What is the surface area or footprint of the rack?
30cm x 30 cm (11.8″ x 11.8″)

Can I mount a Rotapax fuel pack?
Yes, the rack has mounting holes for the Rotapax mount.

Can I mount a Topbox?
Yes, the rack has mounting holes for the Givi and SW-Motech top boxes.

Install & Review Video