Klim Induction “Summer” Jacket Review

I brought this jacket as I needed something that would flow air and keep me cool whilst riding in Colombia. A jacket with good protection and with decent build quality so it would last. I also wanted a jacket with removable armor, so I could replace or upgrade if needed. As soon as I put the jacket on, I started imagining the ‘click-clack’ sound of the credit card machine printing out that little slip of paper with the transaction details. Sold!

The Klim Induction Jacket is a lightweight mesh jacket made for riding in hot weather.
It’s made from a highly flexible mesh called Karbonite, which is 750% stronger than the mesh used in many other jackets. The jacket has integrated level 1 D3O armor, offering great protection.

Great jacket for hot weather!

Klim first released the Induction jacket back in 2014. In each iteration, Klim has made subtle improvements, helping to flow more air, better protection, more comfortable, etc. The Induction jacket has slowly evolved into the hot weather and summer riding and touring jacket of choice for many riders around the planet, including myself.

Talking of hot weather riding… I cannot think of anything much worse than riding in hot weather and being encapsulated in a mobile sauna, yes I speak from experience. For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity before we move on to thank whoever came up with using mesh in jackets, it has made summer riding and touring so much more fun.

Mesh jackets flow air and the Induction jacket flows a lot of air. Now when we think of mesh, you would imagine it can tear easily. In the Induction jacket, Klim uses a proprietary mesh they call “Karbonite”. The mesh is very flexible, light, abrasion-resistant, and tough, and I mean tough! It’s reputed to be 750% stronger than the regular mesh used in many other jackets. It’s also UV resistant, so it’s going to age well.

In addition to the Karbonite mesh, the jacket has 840D Nylon textile on the abrasion and impact zones around the elbows and shoulders.

The attention to detail by Klim really jumps out with the jacket. They have obviously sat down and thought about what riders want and also listened to feedback. The jacket has plenty of pockets, from waterproof pockets, ID pocket, hidden pocket, all using YKK zippers. The collar is fleece-lined making it very soft and comfortable. On some of the jacket panels, they have added 3m Scotchlite reflective material, which if you have seen it in action, is highly reflective and really lights up when any light lands on it.

Protection (D30 Armour)

In the elbow, shoulder, and back impact zones, the jacket uses D3O armor, which is CE Level 1 rated, lightweight, breathable, and flexible, personally, I rate it as the best armor in the industry right now.

D3O Armor
D3O Armor

For more information on D3O armor, take a look at their website.

Is the Klim induction jacket waterproof?

The newer versions of the jacket no longer come with a rain liner, so I guess this could well be a bit of a moot point at this stage. Basically, you have to take the jacket off to put the liner on and if you are riding in warm weather, you are encased in a mobile sauna.  Klim should have marketed it as a weight-loss device!

If you are planning to buy a used jacket or older stock, forget the liner, it’s worthless in my opinion, I guess that’s why they no longer ship with liners.

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Klim Induction size chart

I’m 5’10”, 195lb soaking wet. My jacket is a size LARGE and fits perfectly. It honestly feels as if it was custom-made for me. Maybe that’s why I was so quick to reach for the credit card after trying it on for the first time 🙂

On the Klim website, they have a “Fit Wizard” which makes it very easy to select the right size for your height and weight. From my own experience and what I have read online, the fit is pretty true, so that should take some of the “size anxiety” out of ordering this jacket online.

Crash Tested (Read This!)

To date, I have had a couple of ‘offs’ whilst wearing the jacket. One due to ice in the Peruvian mountains and another on a dirt road in Colombia. Both times the jacket performed great, with no issues to me or the jacket, beyond some minor scuffing and a shattered ego.

Recently I read a report of another rider in Colombia doing some unauthorized product testing whilst riding in a Klim Induction jacket. The rider crashed on a bridge and was thrown over the side into the river below. You can read more details about the crash here. Other than minor bruising, the Induction jacket did a great job of keeping the rider well protected.

The jacket offers great protection and you will find lots of online reports and reviews of riders conducting unauthorized product testing on the Klim Induction jacket. Hopefully, it’s not a trend!

My Opinion

As you can most probably tell by now, I love this jacket and it’s my goto whenever I’m riding in warm weather. That said, I also often use it when it’s a little cold as well, I just layer up with a sweater/jumper or a thicker base layer.

The Klim Induction jacket is a great piece of kit. One that I have tested in some extreme riding conditions and personally crash tested.

You can also look on Revzilla for excellent reviews on the Klim induction Jacket.


This is a video produced by Klim and gives a very good overview and philosophy of the Induction jacket.