Hood Motorcycle Riding Jeans Review

If you have ever wanted a pair of stylish jeans or cargo pants, that will save your skin from road rash in the event of an accident, then you need to seriously consider “Hood” products.  They are family-owned and run, based in Norfolk (UK) have been in the clothing business for 20+ years.

Hood are specialist in designing and making CE-certified armored riding jeans. The jeans utilize Para-aramid lining (think Kevlar), in combination with 3DO armor, giving them excellent abrasion resistance and impact protection.

Jeans or Cargo Pants?

This review is, for the most part, going to cover their cargo pant style because that’s what I use, although the Hood build quality, philosophy, and protection cover applies to their entire range. Their jeans are definitely the more popular option, offering a much wider range of styles and colors. So if you have arrived on this page and looking for jeans, then take a look at the Hood K7 range and thank me later 🙂

I have used my cargo pants all over South America, the Philippines, and Europe. Despite being double-lined, they are surprisingly comfortable even in 35°C heat. Obviously, they do not flow air like mesh pants, but I never felt like I was riding in a pair of sauna pants.

Build Quality

The build quality and stitching are hardcore!  The protective Para-aramid lining coverage is excellent, going all the way down from the hips to the top of the boots, which is often not the case for many other manufacturers and one of the main reasons that go my attention when initially looking for a set of riding jeans. 

Hood Jeans Mesh
Hood Jeans Mesh

The newer versions of the jeans come with the option of an “Airflow” mesh lining as well. This improves how they breathe and stops the Para-aramid lining from sticking to your legs when it’s very hot.

The stitching at the seams is very strong, this is important, as you do not want the lining pulling away from the upper seams if they split open whilst sliding down the road. The photo below shows the double-seam stitching on my cargo pants.

Hood Jeans Double Seam
Hood Jeans Double Seam

All zips used are made by YKK and the rivets used on the jeans are flat, so no issues with scratching any paintwork on your bike.

Protection and Certification

At the end of the day, this should be the “need” at the top of your list. Fortunately, Hood has you covered, literally!

Hood jeans are certified to European Standard, prEN 17092. Actually, Hood produced the first motorcycle jeans to be certified in the UK to the new PPE Regulation 2016/425; prEN 17092-3, AA rated. That shows you how serious they are in protecting riders.

The protective lining offers excellent coverage and on the jeans currently being sold is Hood’s 3rd generation of the lining called “K-tech Para-aramid”, offering even more protection.

In 2018, Hood extended the coverage of the K-tech Para-aramid lining, enabling the jeans to easily pass the new PPE Regulation 2016/425; prEN 17092-3, AA-rated protective clothing for motorcyclists standard.

In addition to protective linings, you also have the option of using D3O armor in the hip and knee impact zones. D3O armor, which is CE Level 1 rated, lightweight, breathable, and flexible, personally I rate it as the best armor in the industry right now. For more information on D3O armor, take a look at their website.

Top Tip: Make sure you get the leg length correct and take into account that your jeans will ride up your boot a little when sitting down.

Jean Fit

When I bought my Hood jeans I visited their offices and they custom-fitted the length for my pair on-site. I know most of you will not have the luxury of having a world-famous riding apparel company on your doorstep, but you are in luck.

Hood likes to custom fit all their jeans for length, so make sure you let them know exactly the length you want when ordering if it’s outside the options on their order page.

If your jeans do arrive and they are not exactly the fit you wanted, Hood will exchange them at no cost. This helps reduce some of the buyer anxiety, especially as they are not cheap.


I have seen this question asked a lot online and in a nutshell… NO!
You are going to get wet and your legs will get sticky, just like most jeans. I have seen waterproof jeans advertised by other manufacturers, but I’m skeptical. Maybe they are good with a few drops, or a little light drizzle, but a tropical downpour, I doubt very much.

Single Layer (Warning!)

Hood does not make single-layer jeans and for good reason. Also, in my opinion, single-layer denim jeans should be avoided. I have yet to read a crash test of someone wearing single-layer riding jeans that didn’t sustain some sort of road rash or the jeans pulled apart, which is the last thing you want.

We all want nice comfy riding pants, that you can also wear out on a Friday night. Unfortunately, in order to get that level of comfort, you need to give up something, in this case, it’s called “protection” or worse still, it could be your “skin” if you come off

If you want more info on the downsides of single-layer riding jeans, take a look at this excellent write-up. Also take a look around Google, lots of first-hand reviews, and reports.

Below is an excellent independent video, which goes into detail on the different testing standards and why lined riding jeans offer the best protection.

My Opinion

I have had my Hood cargo pants for over two (2) years and they are still in great condition. I have ridden over 10,000 km in them and they have been subjected to all weathers and numerous washing circles, using varying types of detergents. Fortunately, I have never tested their abrasion resistance or D3O armor, but many people have, with lots of excellent reviews on the Hood website and also independently online.

The only minor issue I have is it can be a little fiddly getting the knee pads in and located in the right spot.  On the plus side, the knee armor has long velcro location strips, so you have plenty of flexibility to get them seated in the right spot.

If you are looking for a pair of excellent quality riding jeans or cargo pants, with great reviews and a well-known name behind them, then add Hood to your list. For further information, check out the Hood Motorcycle Jeans website or Facebook page.