Garmin’s inReach Mini 2: Satellite Communicator

Garmin’s inReach Mini 2, the newest model in their range of satellite communicators, promises a lifeline for adventurers.

Small but robust, with an IPX7 rating. It allows users to stay in contact and send SOS signals even in the most remote areas.

The device can be linked to a phone with the Garmin Explore app, creating a messaging platform similar to texting.

The battery life lasts over a week under ideal conditions, but performance can be affected by cold weather and geographical features.

My two cents…

Looks like another solid upgrade to an excellent device. I love how small and compact they are these days, really makes it easy to slip into a front jacket pocket for easy access.

I own an original inReach and it is a great device, still running strong after 9yrs.
You can see a review on my inReach at the link below:

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