Cardo Introduces Edgephone For Non-Biker Coms

Cardo’s PackTalk Edge communicator, reimagined into the Edgephone headset, offers a new way for non-biking individuals like coaches to communicate with riders.

The Edgephone features the capabilities of the PackTalk Edge and incorporates a noise-attenuating headphone with a removable, noise-filtering microphone. Its JBL speaker sound and noise-blocking earcups prove invaluable in loud environments.

Despite experiencing shorter communication range than quoted by Paktalk during tests, the Edgephone remains decent for its targeted uses.

Retailing at $149.95, the Edgephone and the necessary PackTalk Edge communicator can be bought together for $489.95.

My two cents…

Cardo’s Paktalk system has a lot of fans and, maybe the best and most popular on the market right now.

This new product has a pretty limited market in my opinion. I guess if you are being coached or doing timed runs *cough cough with your buddy in a Ferrari, then it’s the product for you.

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