Beeline Launches Moto II With Mini-Map Nav

Beeline has unveiled the Moto II, an updated version of their popular minimalist motorcycle sat nav device, Beeline Moto.

Retaining its subtle look and simple interface, the Moto II introduces a mini-map navigation view, LED alerts, glove-friendly buttons, and an anti-glare display.

Original features like the compass and speedo will be retained, and the device now has a 14hr battery life with USB-C charging.

Sales for the Moto II will go live in May 2024, priced at £179 for the black version and £199 for the grey and silver metal versions.

My two cents…

I have never been a fan of the Beeline Nav’s, I like a big screen with a map.
That said, plenty of people love them and they come as standard kit on some Royal Enfields.

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