Avade Heated Motorcycle Vest Review

Evade is an Australian-based company that has been making heated motorcycle vests for a number of years. That’s all they do, make one product, and are very good at it. Some of the top riders in the Dakar and better-known adventure motorcyclists traveling around the world use Evade heated vests.

For a good majority of my life, I have lived and worked in warm climates. This is also true for most of my touring, so no reason to break a habit of a lifetime right? Maybe I should change my tagline to “Stay Toasty”.  LOL!

As most of us know, Peru has some awesome mountain ranges and it can get pretty cold, pretty quickly, hence my investment in the Avade heated vest.  I used the vest extensively whilst riding in the Cordillera Blanca ranges in Peru, as it can get pretty chilly at times, especially when you creep above 14,000ft.

Evade spent 4 years of R&D and 107 different garment configurations to finally come up with a heated vest they sell today.

The vests are made from a lightweight stretchy compression-type material, it feels and looks like a cross between Spandex and Lycra if that’s possible.

The heating control is on the cuff and is a low-profile silicone button that allows three (3) temperature settings.  The silicon button changes color depending on the temperature setting.

Heating Control
Heating Control

The heating elements are flexible Infrared carbon fiber elements, two (2) in the front and one (1) in the back.

The battery is enclosed in a neoprene cover and plugs into a cable that exists a pocket in the back of the vest.  Once it’s plugged in, you place the battery in the pocket.  Before wearing the vest, I thought the battery might aggravate me when riding, but to be honest, I never noticed it.

Battery in Pocket
Battery in Pocket
Battery Attached
Battery Attached

The battery lasted 5-6 hours on the medium heat setting, plenty of time to keep me nice and toasty.  I also purchased an additional battery, just in case.

The heated vest can be washed, you just need to make sure you remove the lithium battery from its pouch on the side of the vest before washing.

Are heated vests safe?

Yes, very safe. A low-voltage lithium battery is used to power the insulated carbon elements. You cannot get electrocuted as the voltage used is very low.

The elements are thermostatically controlled, so deliver just the required heat, eliminating the possibility of burns.

The heating panels do not produce any harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Field).
A normal cell phone emits more EMF than the Evade heated vest. 

My Opinion

I’m very happy with the vest, it does what it says on the packet, no fuss, just works.  It’s well made, packs down small, and takes riding happiness to a whole new level when it’s chilly outside.

If you are looking for heated gear, take a look at the Avade website for more details.


Video by Lyndon Poskitt talking about using the Evade heated vest on the Dakar Rally.