ADT Motowear Jacket Review

ADT is a Colombian brand, which is part of the “Bosi” family, a well-known clothing manufacturer in Colombia. In terms of quality and features, the ADT line offers excellent value for money.

I bought this jacket, as I wanted something a little warmer and lighter than my hot weather Klim Induction jacket, and also a jacket that would keep me dry in a light shower whilst living and riding in Colombia.  The ADT Risk Jacket ticked all the boxes!

It’s not 100% waterproof, but more semi-waterproof.  Fine in a light shower, but you are not going to keep 100% dry in a torrential downpour.  The zippers are YKK and waterproof.

The armor is CE rated, but is not close to the quality of the D30 armor I have in my Klim Induction, that said, it has CE-rated back, elbow, and shoulder protection.  

How abrasion resistance is the material?  I hope I never have to find out, but once again, it’s not a Klim or Rukka jacket, so I’m not expecting it to be as good.

The bottom line, the ADT Risk jacket offers excellent value for money.  I paid US$130 and very happy!

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1. Great build quality.
2. Stylish and comfortable.
3. CE level protection.
4. Excellent price (US$130)

Would I buy it again?